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According to the World Kuk Sool Won Association homepage there are 24 different traditional Korean Royal Court weapons in the curriculum plus Buddhist and Tribal weaponry. In this list I will give some descriptions as well as pictures and video to show the different weapons and styles of Kuk Sool Won.

kuk sool won sword

Sword (Gum & Jung Gum)

In Kuk Sool I have seen two types of long swords used. The first is called a Gum which is traditionally a curved blade you see used when people are cutting in Kuk Sool and the other sword is a Jung Gum or traditional, Straight Bladed Korean Sword. You can find out the difference in a straight blade and Curved Blade from Kwan Jang Nim Dickson Kunz in this post titled Curved vs. Straight Sword- What’s the Difference?
short kuk sool swords

Short Sword (Dan Gum)

If you have done any other styles the Kuk Sool Short Swords look a lot like Butterfly Knives. They are first introduced as a regular form or Hyung in Kuk Sool and then later used in sparring forms.

kuk sool won throwing knives


Kuk Sool will teach you how to use a knife for knife fighting as well as knife throwing. At many tournaments you can compete in knife throwing if you are good enough to qualify.

kuk sool won moon knife kwan jang nim

Halberd / Moon Knife ( Wol Do )

This Kuk Sool Weapon is not usually seen and is mainly kept to very high ranks. I have only seen it through pictures.

kuk sool won kwan jang nim fan techniques

Fan ( Bu Chae )

Fan is a cool weapon you start learning at Third Degree Black Belt (Pu Sa Bum Nim) where the fan skeleton is made out of Metal Plates. I have also heard the edge of the fan might have also had blades for slashing when the fan is spread open.

kuk sool won walking cane

Walking Cane ( Ji Pang Ee )

The cane is one of the Buddhist weapons present in Kuk Sool and can be used quite effectively for joint locks, throws, and pressure points.

kuk sool won rope techniques

Po Bak ( Rope )

Rope techniques were used to envelope and tie-up an attacker. You will usually see people do these techniques with an extra Martial Arts belt or by taking off their own belt.

kuk sool ssang jool bong nunchaku

Nunchaku / Nunchucks / Double-Jointed Staff ( Ssang Jool Bong )

One of the weapons outside of the normal Kuk Sool curriculum. Taught by select schools with instructors who know the sets and a lot of times during the Summer Seminar where Kuk Sa Nim ( Kuk Sool Grandmaster) travels to almost every school he can in one Summer.

kuk sool won triple jointed segmented staff

Triple Jointed / Segmented Staff

I would love to learn this weapon. It is listed anywhere anyone talks about weapons in Kuk Sool but I have never seen it used by anyone in Kuk Sool. Admittedly, I have seen it on weapons racks in many Dojang across the world.

kuk sool won dan bong short sticks staff

Short Staff ( Dan Bong )

Another Buddhist weapon you will see in Kuk Sool where just about each time you strike you try to hit twice.

kuk sool won bong staff

Staff ( Jung Bong )

Staff is one of the first weapons you learn in Kuk Sool other than Ssang Jool Bong ( Nunchaku ) and is used extensively through forms and sparring in Kuk Sool Won.

kuk sool won spear

Spear ( Chang )

One of my personal favorites. The spear has a great advantage by having a blade on the end of a weapon that extends your reach. Back in the day it was an essential weapon to get rid of those pesky horsemen.

kuk sool won kwan jang nim archery

Kuk Sool and Korean Archery / Bow & Arrow ( Gung Si / Gung Sool / Kuk (Sool) Gung )

Kuk Sool and Korean Archery is taught in a very limited number of schools across the world because of the space it takes, money to buy the supplies, and general knowledge of techniques is limited to a few Masters and Instructors. In Kuk Sool we utilize the traditional “thumb draw” as well.

Other Weapons

  • Battle Axe ( Do Kki )
  • Long Staff ( Jang Bong )

Weapon Variations that are Taught (but are not limited too)

  • Inverted long sword
  • Double long sword
  • Double short sword
  • Sword cutting ( bamboo & rolled mats)
  • Sword sparring
  • Knife throwing
  • Double short staff
  • Staff Sparring

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